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Christian Professional & Sector Groups


This web portal links you to the various Christian Professional and Sector Groups which support and encourage those who work in those sectors.

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Arts & Media

Ars Vitalis

Performing Arts Centre Group in Spain

Arts Centre Group

Arts Centre Group brings together Christians who are working professionally in the field of the arts

Christians In Entertainment

Encouraging a strong Christian presence in the entertainment business

Christians in Media

Christians in Media is a UK network and community that supports, encourages and inspires Christians who work in, and with, media. For all producers, journalists, photographers, editors, content creators, social media managers, press officers, war correspondents…


Armed Forces Christian Union

The only military Christian fellowship in Britain involved with all three Services. Its focus is to prayerfully support and serve all members of the British Armed Forces

Defence Christian Network

Unified, multi-denominational Christian Network for both military personnel and MOD Civil Servants

Soldiers and Airmans Scripture Readers Association

Providing the serving personal of the British Army and Royal Air Force with a practical and consistent experience of the Christian faith through living and working alongside them in their units


Association Of Christian Teachers

A Christian membership organisation that provides professional and spiritual support to Christians engaged in pre-school, primary, middle, secondary, special, college and university education in the UK, whether in a voluntary or paid capacity.

Christian Academic Network

Proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ through the academic community

Christian Literary Studies Group

Exploring some of the implications of the Christian faith in the study and teaching of literature


Championing Christian work nationally in the Sixth Form and Further Education (FE) sector. Supporting and resourcing students and Christian unions in mission and evangelism, setting up and equipping gospel centred chaplaincies and supporting Christians working across the FE/Sixth form sector.

Love Early Years

At Love Early Years, we believe that Christians are in a unique position to offer a quality of care for young children which is of the highest standard. This standard of excellence is achieved by Christians regardless of setting and has nothing to do with the facilities available. As Christians, we can provide a high level of care because we can demonstrate the love of God in action.

Environment & Agriculture

Agricultural Christian Fellowship

Membership organisation for all involved in, or concerned for, farming and associated professions

Water Industry Christian Network

Transform Work facilitate 3 online meetings a year where leaders of Christian Workplace Groups in this sector come together to share

Finance, Banking & Accountancy

Association Of Christian Economists

Promoting discussion and research on economics and related topics, from a distinctively Christian perspective

Association Of Christian Financial Advisers

A group of Christians who are Independent Financial Advisers WITH a code of conduct and a statement of faith which we ask all members to sign up to

Health and Social Care

Association of Christians in Counselling and Linked Professions

Representing Christians who provide counselling and pastoral care

British Association of Christians in Psychology

UK-based organisation for Christian professional and student psychologists in academic and applied settings

Christian Ambulance Association

Supporting Christians in the ambulance service run by Christians in the ambulance service

Christian Dental Fellowship

UK based, inter-denominational organisation of people who are joined together by a common desire to serve Christ in their own lives, as well as in and through their profession

Christian Healthcare Professional Network

Bringing together all Christian healthcare professionals to equip them with biblical knowledge, resources and opportunities to help them excel in their profession and transform lives.

Christian Medical Fellowship

Uniting and equipping Christian doctors and nurses to live and speak for Jesus Christ

Christians in Allied Health

Connecting, supporting and equipping Allied Health Professionals as Christians in their profession

Christians in Care

Establishing a network of Christians working within the care sector

Christians in Pharmacy

Uniting and supporting Christians in all walks of the profession, be it the pharmacy, office, laboratory or lecture hall

Heaven in Healthcare

A place for Christians working in the health sector to connect, learn, and be inspired to release heaven wherever they go.

NHS Christian Network

 Our vision is for every Christian working in the NHS to be connected to other Christians so that together we can bring our wholeselves to work including sharing our faith in Jesus.

Nurses and Midwives (CMF)

Building a national movement of Christian nurses and midwives growing in faith, serving God, and speaking the good news of Jesus to a hurting world

Pharma Connections

A network of Christian Workplace Groups in Pharma organisations. If you'd like to know more please email Julian

Veterinary Christian Fellowship

Uniting, encouraging and supporting Christians within the veterinary and allied professions

Law & Law Enforcement

Association of Christian Law Firms

Formed in October 1990 to provide a link between Christian law firms in the UK

Christian Police Association

A National Voice for Christians in Policing

Lawyers Christian Fellowship

Christian lawyers communicating the whole Gospel about Jesus Christ

Prison Staff Christian Network

Christian Prison Staff communicating the whole Gospel about Jesus Christ

Leisure, Sports & Tourism

Christians in Sport

Christians in Sport is a movement of competitors, coaches and officials, existing to reach the world of sport for Christ.

Property & Construction

Christians in Architecture & Planning

An association of like minded individuals who seek to serve God in their profession

Christians in Property

Increasing and strengthening Christian activity through individual and collective witness

Public Services & Administration

Chartered Governance Institute Christian Fellowship

Fellowship for Secretaries and Administrators that meets 4 times a year for prayer, fellowship and teaching.

Christians in Communications

Christians in the world of communications to meet together to build a fellowship, pray and to share the Christian message of hope and salvation in the workplace

Christians in Government UK

Non-denominational staff network connecting, supporting and representing Christians working in UK national Government

Christians in Library and Information Services

An association of Christians working in libraries, information services and related fields

Firefighters for Christ

Encouraging firefighters to live their lives for Jesus Christ

HR Christian Network

For Christians working in Human Resources. If you'd like to know more please email Isoken

Local Authorities Christian Network

Non-denominational network connecting, supporting and equipping Christians working in UK local authorities

London Councils Christian Network

Providing you with the information, encouragement, and prayer support you need to help you be effective in reaching out to YOUR council offices for Christ

Science, Engineering & IT

Christians in Engineering

We are a fairly new group and so we are still feeling our way forward. By joining us, you can be a part of the Christian witness to the engineering community.

Christians in Science

A network of people including research scientists in universities, commercial and government laboratories and hi-tech companies, engineers, theologians and philosophers, as well as students, school teachers, administrators and anyone interested in science and faith issues

Kingdom Code

Kingdom Code is a community of people who love Jesus and love tech

Transport & Logistics

Glory Road Ministries

National faith based ministry manned mostly by Christian lorry drivers

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